Monday, June 18, 2007

Dumping my thoughts!!!

It'd been very very ordinary day til then. As the clock moved past One, it's time for much awaited lunch break.

I gently walked along blacktopped passage to the Cafeteria and merged onto the queue to the cashier.With a token for meals in hand, I joined the waiting line to pickup a plate.

I noticed something odd in a process that people here, including me, were doing over the years. Almost 99 out of 100 IT engineers here did that. I was not part of the remaing 1 percent till then.

What process do software engineers follow in the canteen?? It's nothing but wiping the plate they take with a tissue.

Why are they doing that while they are not supposed to insult workmanship by cleaning a clean plate, I started thinking through.

Maybe, the plates are not cleansed properly?? If that is the case, why are you doing that. Isn't the responsibility of the contractor to provide hygienic food?

With mindful of thoughts, I approached the stack of plates and got hold of the one at the top. Believe me, it looked absolutely clean. Pulling a few tissues out of the packet kept on the table, I noticed the next plate on the top. It looked even cleaner. I moved away to head for buffet. Yet I was very interested to see what the next guy in the queue was doing. I turned back, only to witness him cleaning the clean plate with a tissue paper. :-) :-) :-)

I never searched for an answer for the lone question "Who started this stupid activity??", as I was also among the goosy group of plate cleaners for about 2 years.