Thursday, September 20, 2007

The petty and the pregnant

"Saththam Podadhey" is a romantic thriller by Vasanth. One line review of the movie - "second half could have been shown better". Though the movie had nothing to take home, I have my own thinkings:

1. The "title card" had cool graphics - "hey idhu Flash da", a friend observed - and apt background score - "a ah.. scene-a kelappudhu da", another friend exclaimed. Besides these, there's something rummy. Each name looked clumsy with an addtional vowel, "s" , and/or "r", at almost all the applicable places. I never seen "Dinesh" writen as "Dinessh" before, they did that. You could easily find a dozen of such oddities. The ultimate one was the TITLE of the movie. It read "SATHUM PODAATHAY". Many Tamils would comprehend this as "Mother who dint serve rice", while the intended meaning is "Dont make noise". That's funny!!

2. After the movie, a friend revealed a shocking piece of info. He said this movie is rated "U" - "rating given to a movie which has no objectionable material". I was amazed. I dint believe his words until I verified it on the net. This flick horrifically portrays domestic violence against a lady; awfully depicts acts of a psycho; openly discusses impotency; and has scenes rendering a man hanging. Despite having all these obnoxious contents, it has qualified for unrestricted showing. Enna kodumai idhu! Shame on CBFC!!


Girl of Destiny said...

Somehow, I feel this is not of your usual stock. Something's different. Writing style? Chosen Topic? Comments on it? Dunno what!

Anyway, why petty n pregnant?

Anonymous said...

andha padam unaku pidikala, thitanum maanatha vanganumnu thonirku... Starting nee romba interesta gavanichirka, adha sona podhumnu thonirku..(idhuku mela enala mokka poda mudila)

Thenmozhi said...

THiru are gonna stop by just writing a blog regarding, you can possibly try something to raise voice against such Ratings given to Such films na,,

Anonymous said...

Hey thiru,
I was laughing aloud after reading this statement..."Mother who dint serve rice"..
that was cool explanation da...
never thought :)


Bala said...

Hey un photo ku CBFC enna da rating kudupanga ??
U or A or U/A or X ah?