Thursday, September 13, 2007


It's about a month since I was tagged by mat.

Here is my array of facts:

1. I am not a software engineer, I dont engineer anything

2. I am not a boy nextdoor, girls dont fascinate me

3. I am not a violator, I dont admire laws of my land

4. I am not a poet, mine are not masterworks

5. I am not a reader, I cannot give a good review

6. I am not a conservativist, I welcome innovations

7. I am not a perfectionist, my quality fits only for the purpose

8. One way or the other, I pretend to be all the above


Bala said...

Mega Mokkai

Senthil said...

onnumae puriyala da..

Girl of Destiny said...

Those were fun to read!
Since when were 'boys next door' defined by the 'fascination they excite in the girls'?

The eighth with an anticlimax...copying my style aren't you, my lad??

Thenmozhi said...

hey i liked this :-p
i enjoyed reading
nice one thiru :-))

but when are you gonna post the real facts without buid up's ?
please let me know :-))

Anonymous said...

in some or the other way u r putting mokkai, number pottu mokka potruka...

As you are pretending now(ne dhan sonnna), one day or the other you will become so, becos a poli saamiyar, will soon become an actual saamiyar.

edhu pidikudho andha maadhiri dhan manidhargal nadika aarambipaanga.. Oru naal apdiyae maariyum poiduvanga
To start with everyone pretends..

(hehehe, inimae naanum un blog commentsla mokka poduven)

Thiru said...

bala & senthil, neenga padichittenga-nu engalukku theriyanum-nu oru vetti comment-a??

hulla mat, naanga onnum copy adikkala... it's a coincidence..

sona, naan sonnadhellam unmai.. :-(

Thiru said...

Thanks for filling the page, Ms Anon!!

Kidding, keep scribbling.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

adapaavi, but i know that you will feel my comment in a good way only.

(If i don think this way, then i cant comment)

I like my name here 'Anon'. tq

Anonymous said...

sema mokkai bad boy!!!!

Thiru said...

Thanks buddy!!

Nivi said...

hey copy cat..

but i enjoyed reading it.. :)